Friday, December 17, 2010


This last month and a half has been pretty eventful in the boyfriend area of my life. So many things are changing I don't know how to handle it all!

Fake Boyfriend #1:

Finn, let's be real with each other, you have got to get off of this Rachel kick you are on. You could do so much better. There are other girls out there, take me for example. So come and find me because I am waiting. I need you in my life and this whole winter break from the show is killing me.

Fake Boyfriend #2:

Harry Potter completes me. Not just Harry the person but everything that encompasses the series of Harry Potter. I died a little bit inside when the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 ended. The only thing that is helping me survive until the next movie comes out next summer is the fact that I will be seeing it at midnight with the cousins while wearing my "Harry is my Homeboy" shirt. Who else tries to plan their entire family reunion around a Harry Potter premiere? Yea, we are that cool.

Fake Boyfriend #3:

Oh, you want another picture of Zac? Ok.

If you didn't want to jump on him before I bet you want to now huh? Yea I've been waiting a long time for this guy. We all knew it was just a matter of time before his precious (gag me) relationship with V-Hud would be over. Took long enough! Now I can have him all to myself. I love Zac Efron and I'm pretty sure he loves me back. So now that he is officially done with Vanessa (shoot me in the head) Hudgens we can finally proclaim our love for each other and not hide it anymore!

Real Boyfriend #1:

Real boyfriend, a.k.a. John, supports my ridiculous obsessions. That's one of the many reasons why I love him. He watches Zac Efron movies with me and he DVR's Glee for me each week. Sometimes he even watches Glee with me. I know my obsessions are childish but he loves me anyways and plays along with it. Thanks John! You're my favorite out of all my boyfriends!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Endless Summer

It's officially summer! I'm living the dream. I work from 1-5:30 Monday through Friday. Not only do I get to sleep in everyday I get to do nothing on the weekends. Work isn't so bad either. I take Jayne to therapy and swim and just play. So basically I couldn't ask for a better summer. To start it off I'm going to go to Disneyland here in a couple weeks with my friend Aubrey! We went in January together and found out that we were soul mates and the rest is history. We both have the same love for Disneyland. I've never met anyone else that shares the same love for it as me. Then I met Aubrey and our lives changed. We thought we were the only ones out there. After that I just get to take it easy and then on August 1st I'm flying to Virginia! I bought my ticket a couple weeks ago and I'm so stoked! I'm going to be there for a week to visit the one and only Bobby Ericson. Bobby flew out here to see me almost 2 years ago and so I've been promising him ever since that I would fly out there to visit him. There is nothing like good cousin binding time. I'm so excited. So basically I'm hoping this summer lasts forever. Just thought I would let you all in on my summer excitement. Peace Yo!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bittersweet Endings

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. I have been super busy. I had a final paper I had to finish an between my two jobs and the paper and my calling I haven't had anytime to just sit. So today I can finally breathe. It's almost summer. There are only 4 days left of school. A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed some change in my life. I knew that I couldn't make the changes I wanted to and still work both of my jobs. So after lots of hard decision making I told my boss Judy at the elementary school I work at that the last day of school would be my last day working. This was such a hard decision to make. I have put 2 years of hard work and lots of heart into this classroom. These kids have blessed my life so much and have brought me more joy in the last 2 years than anything else. Let me tell you about this classroom. There are 7 severely autistic kids in our classroom. Besides the teacher (Judy) there are 5 aides. Our classroom is very small and crowded. Judy, Patti (one of the other aides), and I have all been in this classroom from day one. When I started in this classroom none of us knew what it was going to be like. We all had experience working with autistic kids but never in a setting like the one we were being given. Our classroom was the first and only one like it in the district. Judy was a teacher in training and had only ever been an aide in a classroom before. So with the help of her aides we began molding a classroom. It has been a long journey for us. The majority of the 2 years I have been in this classroom we have had the same 7 kids with a few move ins and outs. These kids are beautiful in every way. It is impossible to spend time with them and not feel their love. For the most part none of them can talk. There are a few that can say a few words but you can't understand them unless you know what they are saying. I have many scars from being scratched and bit. I have wiped poopy butt after poopy butt. I have cleaned up extreme amounts of vomit. I have wiped tears, and given lots of hugs. I am going to miss these kids and and my coworkers so much. It is a bittersweet parting. In the fall I'm going to be going back to school full time. I will be working on becoming a Certified Occupational Therapists Assistant (COTA). A COTA is to and Occupational Therapist like a PA is to a doctor. I will basically be doing the same thing an Occupational Therapist does I will just make less money and work under the OT. So I'm excited. I will still have my job with Jayne which I am so grateful for. She will be my one last piece of the classroom that I can hang on to. A few months ago a professional photographer came and took pictures of our class. Above are a few of the shots she took.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

25 Days

Summer is 25 school days away my friends. That doesn't include weekends just actual days of wiping snot, cleaning up poop, doing puzzles, chasing little darlings, and daydreaming of summer. Yes its that close I can almost taste it. What does summer taste like you ask? Disneyland Churros! DUH! Can you taste it now too? Some of the things I have done this week to bring on this sudden desire for summer to come include:

cleaning diarrhea off of carpet AND butts
cleaning up barf and almost barfing in the process
chased children around the school because they thinks it's funny
wiping poopy butts
dealt with a stupid professor who is no help at all
deciding whether to change my major
being scratched (I have many scars to prove this one)
did I mention wiping poopy butts?

Well, I think you get the point. Don't get me wrong I love my job it is the best in the entire world and I will still be doing a lot of these things still this summer just not as many hours and only with one child not 7. So summer please come faster.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

That's How Sue C's It


The new season starts this next tuesday. April 13, 2010. Yes, I am excited. I also believe Sue Sylvester is too. I think she secretly loves glee and The one and only Mr. Will Schuester cause let's face it, who doesn't? So on that note to all you fellow Gleeks prepare yourselves to step aboard the Sue Sylvester Express! Destination: Horror!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Love Clean Water

On youtube there are over 100,000,000 videos. I once heard it would take 80 years to watch all the videos on youtube. Waste of time? Maybe. Entertaining? Duh! So thanks to youtube my life is never dull. Here are a few of my latest finds. Enjoy.

If you can't tell I love little boy potty humor. There is nothing funnier than a poop joke.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hazy Days

Wind, wind, go away and never come back! If you know me you know I have the worst allergies. Basically I'm allergic to everything. By everything let me name a few:
- dogs
- cats ( I HATE cats and not just because i'm
allergic to them)
- cashews
- pistachios
- grass
- pollen
- basically any animal
- Septra

These are just a few. Some I have been tested for others I found through default. Well it's allergy season for sure and the wind will not stop blowing here. Over the past few days my allergies have progressively gotten worse. So annoying. I have been loading up on medicine to help but all that does is make me feel like i'm in a daze all day. My favorite part though is taking a Benadryl at night! There's nothing like a Benadryl at night! Ah! I love the way it knocks me out. It's so satifyingly perfect. I have been a huge supporter of Claritin for many many years now. I started taking it when it was a prescription. Well last night I went out on home visits in my ward and the girl that went with me is a nurse practitioner. She noticed my sniffling because it is not something you can miss. Gross, I know. But she gave me some Zyrtec. She swears by it so I went and got some. Will it become my next BFF? We'll see. It's worth trying out.