Friday, December 17, 2010


This last month and a half has been pretty eventful in the boyfriend area of my life. So many things are changing I don't know how to handle it all!

Fake Boyfriend #1:

Finn, let's be real with each other, you have got to get off of this Rachel kick you are on. You could do so much better. There are other girls out there, take me for example. So come and find me because I am waiting. I need you in my life and this whole winter break from the show is killing me.

Fake Boyfriend #2:

Harry Potter completes me. Not just Harry the person but everything that encompasses the series of Harry Potter. I died a little bit inside when the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 ended. The only thing that is helping me survive until the next movie comes out next summer is the fact that I will be seeing it at midnight with the cousins while wearing my "Harry is my Homeboy" shirt. Who else tries to plan their entire family reunion around a Harry Potter premiere? Yea, we are that cool.

Fake Boyfriend #3:

Oh, you want another picture of Zac? Ok.

If you didn't want to jump on him before I bet you want to now huh? Yea I've been waiting a long time for this guy. We all knew it was just a matter of time before his precious (gag me) relationship with V-Hud would be over. Took long enough! Now I can have him all to myself. I love Zac Efron and I'm pretty sure he loves me back. So now that he is officially done with Vanessa (shoot me in the head) Hudgens we can finally proclaim our love for each other and not hide it anymore!

Real Boyfriend #1:

Real boyfriend, a.k.a. John, supports my ridiculous obsessions. That's one of the many reasons why I love him. He watches Zac Efron movies with me and he DVR's Glee for me each week. Sometimes he even watches Glee with me. I know my obsessions are childish but he loves me anyways and plays along with it. Thanks John! You're my favorite out of all my boyfriends!


  1. Hahaha you're awesome! And you guys are cute. :)

  2. He's my favorite out of all your boyfriends too!

  3. That was awesome!

  4. Ummm...Zac and Harry are MINE! Back up off them. Actually...we can share the cousin house. Perfect. Ryan Reynolds broke up with Scarlett Johanson too. He's my #1 boyfriend. Mmmm.
    You need to stay on this blog thing more often. And I'll do the same.
    LOVE YOU! Come visit me in Moscow :) hahaha

  5. Aww, this reminds me of 500 days of summer where Tom's best friend says all these characteristics the girl of his dreams would have. Then he says that his girlfriend is better than the girl of his dreams - because she's real. :) John is way better than Finn, Harry, and Zac. So happy for my Lawson.

  6. Lauren!

    Long time no see sister! I love all your boyfriends :) I am glad I found your blog b/c I haven't seen you in a while! Hope all is well :)

    ps- I think Jordan and I still have your family's beauty and the beast tape! haha